What are the tools available on Zemedy?

Core tools:

Attention training

Attention Training

Practice refocusing your attention on external factors to reduce your worries and physical symptoms. 

Deep BreathingDeep breathing

Reducing blood pressure and optimizing intestinal motility, it can help you ease up cramping and abdominal pain. Takes 1 minute.

Exposure therapyExposure Therapy

The exposure therapy tool helps you to slowly reintroduce things you have avoided due to your IBS, making you less susceptible to fear response. 

Incidental ActivityIncidental Activity

Plan extra activities around your routine without dedicating a specific time. Increasing being active can balance your rest and digestive system.

Progressive Muscle RelaxationProgressive Muscle Relaxation

Helps your body notice early signs of stress and to let them go. Try to practice 1-2 times a day when you do not feel stressed. Takes around 15 minutes.

Yoga for IBSYoga for IBS

Yoga reduces overall stress and activates your digestive system, relieving symptoms like constipation, cramping or gas. 

Full program tools:

Behavioural ExperimentsBehavioural Experiments

Helps you challenge your negative thoughts to reduce your belief and change your behaviours as a result.

Blueprint for living well

Blueprint for living well

Record your red flags and avoidance patterns, note down action points and celebrate the positive changes you notice.

Cognitive RestructuringCognitive Restructuring

Record, challenge and review your difficult thoughts and learn how to stop their effect on your wellbeing.


Introduce exercise into your weekly schedule to burn off your sympathetic arousal and stress and manage your symptoms better.


Set  SMART goals to practice your CBT tools to stay on track and achieve better results. 

Worry Management

Worry Management

Learn how to separate practical and hypothetical worries, while practising to take actions and take control. 

Additional tools:

Gut-directed hypnotherapyGut-directed hypnotherapy

Gut focused hypnotherapy is a technique for learning how to control your gut rather than your gut controlling you.

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